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Indeed, given this unsettling news, compliance with PREA seems more important than ever for TJJD, so maybe the Lege should consider getting up off resources to help them make that happen.

So far, this hasn't blown up the way Blakeslee's story did back in the day, One wonders if the episode was uncovered because of reforms implemented after that 2007 upheaval that made it easier for youth to complain and more likely the agency would react when they did?

Wright began working there in 2014, and investigators since the arrest have uncovered several allegations of abuse starting as early as December 2015, said Debbie Unruh, the independent ombudsman for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Wright, a former corrections officer who oversaw adult prisoners at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, continued working at the agency even after officials there discovered he had a history of disciplinary infractions at his previous job, she said.

Nobody wants to relive that leap-before-you-look fiasco (your correspondent included), which took years to resolve itself, so I'd expect state leaders to move more deliberately this time around.

But he said the officer was moved away from contact with youths as soon as allegations of sexual abuse surfaced.

Agency officials are also investigating two suicide attempts at the Ron Jackson Unit, which houses young women.

Before going to work with youths, Wright worked with adult inmates as a corrections officer at the Ware prison unit in Colorado City from January through December 2013, according to a TDCJ spokesman.

He resigned after he was caught on video leaving a pastry on an inmate's bunk.

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As the agency's population and facilities shrunk, so did the budget that lawmakers approved.

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