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Sex dating in atsion new jersey

Said to be 1) bottomless 2)quicksand and 3) haunted by the Jersey Devil, who pulls swimmers to their death. It is best to park at the Winslow Fish and Wildlife Management Area gun range off of Piney Hollow Road.

Please respect the established etiquette of this place.

of Parks and Forestry, State Park Service." "As a Regional Superintendent employed with the State Park Service, it is my duty to point out to you (as Webmasters) that swimming is PROHIBITED in State Park/Forest waterways unless lifeguards are present.

We offer numerous areas from Belleplain State Forest in the southern County of Cape May to High Point State Park in the northern climes of Sussex County in which visitors can relax and swim in clean, safe, guarded conditions." "Bull's Island Recreation Area (D & R Canal State Park) and Sunfish Pond (Worthington State Forest) are two prime examples found on your website where beauty and allure abounds, but swimming/wading is PROHIBITED.

About 1 mile after that, you will see a sign on the right for the Farview hiking trail and ON THE LEFT a large parking area (signed "Karamac"). From this parking area, several trails zig-zag down to the Delaware river. NOTE: The National Park rangers will summons you for jumping off the rocks (an old collapsed bridge) and for tubing without a life jacket! Weekends, beware of jetskiis owned by family across the river. LAT, LON (of The Glen): lat=41.05933, lon= -74.99578(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Can't turn left on Farrington Road, though I did double back and find it without too much trouble." Here is another report from 2008:"I have lived in east Brunswick my whole life, a block from the lake.

LAT, LON lat=40.9891, lon= -75.1283(source: measured) (accuracy:approximate) , LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Very nicely-developed, small official swimming area on the Delaware River in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area with lifeguards, changing rooms, etc.. From Garden State Pkwy Exit 153 head northwest on RT 3, it joins up with RT 46, continue to Pompton Ave. The information on how to get to the lake is correct but thats about it.

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There is a metal cable hanging "must bring own rope" climb the steps built on the tree and hook your rope on.