Prevent virusscan from updating and epo

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Prevent virusscan from updating and epo

"Run," type "compmgmt.msc" and press "Enter," if using Windows XP.

Expand "Services and Applications" from the console tree on the left pane.

The Net Agent software should start properly at that time.

When using Kaspersky 10, the end-user Pause causes the Network Attack Blocker to stop working. The Network Attack Blocker will continue running as expected.

The requirements for installing the Mc Afee anti-virus software in a Unidesk gold image or Application Layer are the same as those for Including the agent on an image outlined in the Mc Afee e PO product guide.

Depending on the Mc Afee version, you might need to remove the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) for the Mc Afee Agent after you install it.

We generally recommend using the method with which you're most comfortable.

Restart the Desktop to start the Net Agent software.

Possible issues The following interoperability issues can occur on Unidesk Desktops that have Kaspersky anti-virus software installed.

When these tasks are performed, system errors are known to occur, including slow performance due to extremely high CPU usage.

If the Mc Afee Framework Services file is corrupted, you might have to reinstall the Common Management Agent.

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