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Number of states mandating insurance

A state may say that if the mandate increases premiums by a certain percentage the provision doesn’t apply. Although some states are trying to sidestep having to pay for new mandates by limiting which plans are included, advocates say uncertainty about who is going to have to foot the bill is having a chilling effect overall.

Last year, the California legislature sent a bill to Gov.

If a mandate increases a plan’s premium, states will be on the hook for the additional premium cost that’s attributable to the mandate.

The payment requirement is waived until 2016, says Kelly Brantley, a senior manager at Avalere Health who’s looked at mandates related to infertility coverage, and regulations describing how the process will work haven’t yet been issued.

The cost of car insurance is low compared to the potential loss of an at-fault car accident.

The national average of uninsured motorist in 2012 was 12.6 percent according to the Insurance Information Institute.

While patient advocates view state mandates as a crucial tool in their efforts to address coverage shortcomings, the insurance industry generally opposes mandates, saying they drive up the cost of insurance.

Since the health law established a comprehensive set of “essential health benefits” that individual and small group plans must cover (unless they existed prior to passage of the law in 2010), it was hoped that mandates would no longer be much in demand, says Sabrina Corlette, project director at Georgetown University’s Center On Health Insurance Reforms.

Car insurance is an expensive part of owning a car.

Rather than forgoing mandates altogether, some states are simply excluding from the mandates plans that the states would have to pay for.

The result: Consumers who buy individual or small group plans may not get the mandated benefits that are required in large group plans.

But there are other options in providing proof of financial responsibility.

Usually, it involves tying your money up and setting it aside just in case of an accident.

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Some mandates require that certain types of providers’ services be covered, such as chiropractors.

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