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A mentoring relationship has the ability to propel career and psychosocial development for both mentors and mentees [7].

Psychosocial development refers to an individual’s interaction within a particular social environment, while career development refers to an individual’s enhancement in learning within an organization [7].

The psychosocial functions involve other aspects such as role modeling, counseling, friendship, acceptance and confirmation [7].

Benefits to Mentoring Mentees can advance their careers as they learn from their mentors and are provided personal support, feed-back, encouragement, friendship, advice and guidance from their mentors [12].

Even if a suitable mentor can be found within the organization, establishing and maintaining a mentoring relationship can be challenging as it requires both individuals to be in the same place at the same time for the communication exchange.

Both the mentee and mentor can skew their judgments within the communication exchange based on prejudices or discrimination, whether it is intentional or not.ABSTRACTMentoring has been identified as a valuable tool for learning and career development, as well as organizational advancement.E-mentoring has increased in popularity as a means of creating global access to mentors while reducing organizational training costs, and reducing both time and geographical constraints for mentors and mentees.Mentoring can also contribute in creating a positive organizational environment by enhancing a clearer understanding of career commitments and expectations which result in enhancing employee performance, accelerating training opportunities and producing better trained employees [12,13].Organizations also benefit from mentoring relationships as employees communicate more effectively as a result of their improved sense of loyalty and subsequently turnover rates are reduced [12].

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E-mentoring has proven to most benefit the mentee and mentor when mutual trust has been established.

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