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A 1997 study in an urban Canadian population of Vietnamese preschool children reported that 64% of children 18 months of age had dental caries.

Contributing behavioral factors were the constant presence of a bottle during the day and at naptime, and the belief that dental decay in primary teeth was not a problem.

I always was afraid, I don’t know if they knew any barbers that cut hair.

Other Viet Cong, we meet together and we talk about it, about once a month.

Over 1.5 million Vietnamese have immigrated to the U. since 2010, and nearly 40% (581,946) live in California. Vietnamese migrant children in low income families tend to experience disproportionately high rates of dental caries.

A 1979 study of 200 Vietnamese refugees of all ages in Germany reported that 43% of primary and 22% of permanent teeth were carious.

Phenomenography is a way of looking at the world from the interviewee's point of view.

This qualitative, cross-sectional, exploratory study was approved by the University of California San Francisco Institutional Review Board.

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Methods: A purposeful sample of 10 Vietnamese parents with adolescent children were recruited at a Temple in San Jose, Calif.

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