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Under most laws, 30 days is reasonable, but it depends on the severity of the repair.Two days might be reasonable if the issue is broken heat in winter.Specifically, I want to cover renters’ rights—the rights you have as a tenant—and how to exercise them. In fact, your legal rights as a renter begin you even give your completed application to the prospective landlord.When you own a home, your legal rights are evident in a lot of ways (such as all the disclosures required to complete a transaction). Some landlords provide detailed leases that (may) cover some of these rights but, more often than not, leases simply protect the landlord. These tenants’ rights vary from state to state but, regardless of where you live, if you rent or plan to rent an apartment, you can protect your safety, health, and finances by understanding legal and illegal rental practices.

When it comes to fixing leaky faucets, squeaky floorboards, or even burned-out light bulbs, some landlords can be notoriously stingy (or just slow).

After the housing bubble of 2008–09, few people can say you’re “just throwing money” away by renting anymore.

I talk a lot about everything home-buying on here, so it’s high time we say a bit about renting.

One way to get in your landlord’s good graces (and save yourself a lot of grief) is to take care of minor fixes—like changing a light bulb—yourself. If you’re asking for a new dishwasher, there’s not much you can do if the landlord doesn’t want to put one in.

If, however, the needed repairs are serious and relate to the apartment’s basic fitness for living (such as heat or a broken lock) you should be firm in requesting repairs.

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Rights pertain to nondiscrimination, the safety and habitability of an apartment, and a tenant’s privacy. For example, tenants do not, by law, have the to an off-street parking space, on-site laundry, or a working dishwasher.