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As you may already know, SCE has a flawed opt-out program not just because it is charging fees to opt out of something that its customers never opted into, but also because not all SCE customers are being allowed to have the analog option. Unlike SDG&E and PG&E’s opt out program, which allows its customers to have the analog meter opt out (for a fee), SCE’s opt out program will only restore the analog meter on the residences of those who had an analog meter before a smart meter was installed on their home, or if the customer has an analog meter and is on the delay-install list.

(And you proceed to respond with the detailed details of your every hour from Friday 6 pm to Sunday 10 pm and then finish off with your slots that you could squeeze him in) and assume that he’ll ask you on a date with the remaining time available. You were hoping that your boyfriend was finally stepping up with asking you out. You want to discover what went wrong and want answers to why doesn’t he ask me out and when will he ask me out? ” (*string of emojis*) Do you get why this is TOO MUCH INFORMATION for a man?But your guy didn’t form the words, “I’d like to invite you on a date.” Hey, you might even do this with a job interview. We’ll be getting back to those we are interested in.” If you are HOPING for the job, you just heard by filling in with what you desire, “We want you. ” the best thing to do is NOT to send him this: “Oh, hey, FINALLY you’re acknowledging I’m alive!!! Ok, Friday I have an eyebrow wax at 5pm, then a quick study thing for a project at 6. I have hot yoga, then I have to help my sister move (want to help us????!!!! We want you badly.” If you still had your common sense wits about you, you instead heard, “I have a slim-to-none chance of getting this job callback.” And if they do call you in, then you get to be delighted. I could work you in around p but at 9p I have to go to a dinner (unless you want me to cancel?? ), and I’d say I free up Saturday about 6 pm could shower and be ready to go by 8. Now Southern California Gas (The Gas Company) is asking the CPUC for approval of a smart gas meter opt-out program.(Read the transcript of CPUC Phase 2 May 16, 2012 Opt-Out Prehearing Conference, page 8, which has been made available to the public thanks to the Center for Electrosmog Prevention.

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