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Dating a married woman in the workplace

“I did this as I wanted her to feel that I would be flexible in terms of any family business that she may have to attend to.

Too many workplaces have less than family-friendly arrangements and I always ensure that my workplace is as family-friendly as possible,” he said.

Ms Mc Grath said that the questions also “indirectly associated her with the task of primary homemaker and therefore not as available as other less encumbered candidates might be”.

Speaking after the ruling, Mr Halligan confirmed he asked the woman if she had children.

I’m upset in the sense I genuinely didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. ’ The female official answered the questions and confirmed that she was married and that she was the mother of two children and she indicated their ages.

Sometimes I am wrong but I operate a family friendly environment,” he added The WRC ruling found the executive officer, who has been employed by the civil service since 1993, applied for one of two posts of private secretary in May 2016 to two Junior Government Ministers in the same Government department. In reply, the minister observed “you must be very busy”.

“I was simply trying to put the interviewee at ease.

I wanted to assure her that I am as flexible as possible with members of my team with any external or non-work commitments they may have,” he told “All of my staff start at 10am because they need to get their kids to school and can finish early if they need to.

The minister said he was “upset” by the ruling as he feels he runs a “family friendly” office.2 years and 4 months later, she wanted to trade it in on a used vehicle.I said let’s wait to see where our oldest son goes to school, and to use the time to save up some money.I cut up her credit cards, and put her on a tough budget.(By the way, I don’t make anywhere near a take home of ,000 a month, so it was a hit on spending for a while.) I purchased a new van for her.

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“This was the first time I was conducting an interview of this sort and I did not realise that it was unacceptable to ask such a question. It was in no way meant to be discriminatory in any shape.

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